Non-Profit Organization, Activist Movement

Client: Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign
Role: Graphic Design, Product Design, Social Media Content Creator & Video Editor
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Canva
Year: 2021

Stand in Solidarity Against Anti-Asian Racism

The Asian Gold Ribbon (AGR) Campaign is a platform developed for social change and to initiate wide-spread visibility against anti-Asian hate and racism. The campaign supports Asian mental health and wellbeing, amplifying Asian voices and standing in solidarity against all forms of racism. 

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Music: White Night by Niwel @niwel-516897768

In the Media

The Asian Gold Ribbon logo and branding was featured on global television on various news channels:

Within six weeks the inaugural launch of the Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign garnered a total of 33+ media clippings in 2021, delivering an estimated 31.25 million impressions across print, online, radio and television broadcast in Canada.

Branding & Product Design

Video Content

Social Media Content

News Anchor, Tracy Tong, is wearing her AGR mask.

Masks and pins were produced featuring the AGR branding. Funds received from purchases support mental health programs and services for Asian wellbeing and the Asian Gold Ribbon campaign.

Get Your Asian Gold Ribbon Face Masks

Get Your Asian Gold Ribbon Pins

The AGR Yellow Canary Lapel Pin and Gold Ribbon.
Photo by Bin Lau.

Video Content

The campaign has generated awareness of anti-Asian hate crimes within Canada and is a platform for those conversations. In addition, AGR is educating the public on cultural sensitivity and providing resource materials for Canada’s school board of education through storytelling and discussion.

Watch: Meet Singer of Yellow From Crazy Rich Asians Katherine Ho
Watch: Mr. Liao by Martin Kerr in Support Against Anti-Asian Racism

See all video content on Asian Gold Ribbon’s Youtube Channel.

Social Media Content

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