What is the Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign?

Stand in Solidarity Against Anti-Asian Racism

Non-Profit Organization, Activist Movement, Annual Event

The Asian Gold Ribbon (AGR) Campaign was created in response to the drastic increase of acts of violence and racism towards Asian Americans after the COVID-19 outbreak. The Campaign was founded by Psychologist Dr. Gina Wong and was developed for social change to initiate wide-spread visibility against anti-Asian hate and racism. AGR supports mental health and wellbeing, amplifying Asian voices, and standing in solidarity against all forms of racism. 

Asian Gold Ribbon Day is celebrated annually on May 20th where supporters wear gold ribbons and advocate against anti-Asian racism.

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In the Media

The Asian Gold Ribbon logo and branding was featured on global television on various news channels:

Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign 2021

Non-Profit Organization, Activism Movement, Annual Event

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