Furniture & Antiques Store, Refinishing Furniture Service

Client: Shabby Chic Antiques
Role: Logo Design, Photography & Photo Editing, Social Media Marketing Consultant
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, Good Old Pen & Paper, Facebook and Instagram

Retired pieces of furniture are repurposed and brought back to life at Shabby Chic Antiques. What started as a collection of antiques in a garage has become a business in selling refinished furniture themed after the 1900’s era. Shabby Chic Antiques focuses on discovering unwanted furniture and refinishing them so they may be given a new home. 

In development of this new start-up company I was commissioned with product photography, logo design and creation of the Instagram and Facebook page which is Shabby Chic Antiques’ primary point of sales. Since opening, the business has hit the ground running with its Facebook Page gaining 231 followers within the first 12 days.