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Museum, Music Venue, Souvenir Shop & Tourist Attraction

Client: Studio Bell: National Music Centre
Role: Graphic Design Intern
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
Year: 2017

The National Music Centre (NMC) is Canada’s first museum dedicated to Canadian musicians and sharing it’s musical history. As a cultural landmark in East Village Calgary, the building’s unique infrastructure consists of 226,000 glaze terracotta tiles.

The non-profit organization wanted to release a new line of products and merchandise in their souvenir shop in celebration of the Museum’s one year anniversary. The client requested that I break away from the companies corporate branding and cater towards the family demographic. Given creative freedom, I conceptualized and designed a series of postcards along with other merchandise to commemorate the milestone and contribute to the growing non-profit.

Glazed terracotta tiles ripple across the walls of the museum creating an illusive appearance.
An illustration of an amp with the Studio Bell logo blasts music and vibrates, emitting sparks and shooting stars.
This postcard features an audio visualizer with high and low notes transitioning from pink to magenta purple on a black background with the Studio Bell logo at the top left.
A black and white photograph looking upwards toward the ceiling of the National Music Centre. Sunlight is reflected off the glazed tiled walls.
From the National Music Centre's Collection is a photograph of the Rogers Model 30D Radio Receiver invented by Edward S. Rogers Sr. (1900 – 1939). Manufactured in Ontario, Canada.
The Brasher Resonator Guitar features a metal body and produces a louder and more tinny sound compared to acoustic guitars. This musical artifact is on exhibit at Canada's National Music Centre.
This postcard has a splash of the rainbow with a colourful paint splattered border surrounding the Ken Kesey PA controller. This PA controller is smothered in colourful paint on it’s sides, giving the old equipment a brand new look.
The unique building architecture of the Studio Bell: National Music Centre. With the Museum building bridging across traffic, connecting to the Kind Eddy Bar across the street.
On the left is a photograph looking out of Performance Hall as visitors of the museum walk underneath the dim lights emitted from the icicle purple and pink lights hanging from the ceiling.
On the right are several postcards featuring photos and the branding of Studio Bell loosely stacked on top of eachother.
Studio Bell: National Music Centre – 300-851 4 Street SE, East Village Calgary, AB T2G 1R1

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